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What do People Lie About (July 10 Live Performance)

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What people lie about

At my live events in DC on July 10 I asked my audience what they lie about.

Here are their answers.

Work Hours

Who Ate the Ice Cream

(2) Financial Situation

How much fun I have at a function.

How well I'm doing.

How good the food is.

(3) Price I paid for something.

Vacation time.

Knowledge of UFO's.

How often I eat out at restaurants.


"I work out every day."

I like the hot weather.

Where I got the gift from.

Eating dessert.

Relationship status.

I barely passed my grade this year.

I'm not drunk.

I like my mother in law's food.


If I like the food.

I have a great relationship with my parents.


My mom is my favorite parent.

How interested I am in your conversation.

If someone looks nice if they don't.

That I'm going to call you back soon.

My school choice.


"I'm a good driver."

Number of toes.

I like your hair.

How many cookies I ate.

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