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What Do People Lie About?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What do people lie about

What do people lie about?

During the show on May 29, 2021 I asked the audience what they lied about. Here are their answers.

(5) Weight.

(3) How much I drink.

(3) How old I am.

(2) I don't lie.

Where I went on vacation.

How much I spent on clothing.

Smoking pot.

I lie to my children about how long things will take.

I like to my chiropractor that I do my daily exercises for my neck.

How are you? Fine.


Being interested in coworkers stories.

How many people I've slept with.

My name.

How much $ I make.

Diamond being lab grown.

How long I played video games.

Being nice.

When I'm talking to someone I dislike and they ask how I am I just say 'I'm just tired.'

How hard I work.


Tell my patients I'll be back in 5 minutes but I don't mean it.

How much I love my job.

"Yeah, let's def hook up again!"

Job interview.

How smart I am.

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