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Need a Date Idea? How about Paying to have your Mind Blown!

Updated: May 12, 2023

Are you looking for your next date in Washington DC? I’m sure you have gone to many restaurants, hit the movie theatres, gone out for drinks and all the other been there, done that. But, I bet you haven’t gone out to have your mind blown by Mentalist Brian Curry in one of Washington DC’s best magic shows The Good Liar: Brian Curry.

This show has it all; a comedy show for laughs and a magic show for surprises, The Good Liar has got you covered!

So what exactly is mentalism? And what makes it different from any other magic show? Mentalism is focused on the mind and psychology. It requires a deep understanding of the human mind and body language to provide unexplainable psychological experiences, making mentalism a magic for your mind. Traditional magic, on the other hand, uses a variety of tricks such as misdirection, theatrics, disappearance etc. to create a spectacle to entertain audiences. While both might appear similar on certain levels, they are distinguished; one focuses solely on the mind.

What can you expect to see from this magic show? Without giving too much away, The Good Liar is a gasp-per-minute mentalism performance unlike any other show you’ve seen. It's got magic, it's got comedy. DC Magician, Brian Curry will pretend to read people’s mind and it has more twists than a Hitchcock film!

If you still need convincing, might I suggest that this mentalism show could be the perfect date night out regardless of the weather, which means no matter if it’s mid-February or mid- June, it’s always a great time to enjoy a top-quality magic show.

Check out Brian Curry’s upcoming shows here


Washington DC is a big place to explore so don’t limit yourself on date nights. Go out and explore and stop by The Good Liar for a night you’ll never forget! More places to visit in DC.

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