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Virtual Entertainment

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Is 2020 over yet?

Like most performers of live events in DC, I'm soooooo ready for 2021. I'm SO bored, I'm writing a blog. You're so bored, you're reading it!

As long as you are healthy, still employed, don't have kids, and have a summer home you're probably doing just fine during the pandemic. The rest of us have to work a little bit harder to find some fun.

Many of the live events in DC are popping up as virtual shows. Are these shows exactly the same as the live show? No. But many of these shows have found clever ways to keep you entertained and laughing without the burden of leaving your house or getting dressed up. In fact, clothing is optional.

Willard and Wood:

Our friends from Baltimore have a fun, fast-paced and funny magic show that they have turned into a delightful evening of trickery. More info.

Magic For Humans Online:

This was a great show on Netflix, and now it's a great virtual show. Few magicians make me laugh like Justin Willman. I enjoyed this show completely. More info.

Remote Control: A Virtual Mind Reading Experiment with Max Major.

Full disclosure--I'm a Major fan. His live shows are spectacular and he just rocked it on AGT. This show will fool you. Badly. More info.

Have you seen other good shows? Let us know in the comments.

Stay healthy everyone!


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