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In and Of Itself

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Magic show

Not your typical Magic Show.

Hey Team Curry!

When I heard that this show was unlike any other magic show ever produced I planned my pilgrimage to New York. Unfortunately, you can't see a show in NYC during a pandemic. Lucky for you, the show has been made into a Hulu original special!

Calling this a 'magic show' would be a bit deceptive. There are only 6 'tricks' that happen during the 90 minute show. This is a dramatic performance which questions the labels we give ourselves and others. 'I AM a husband' or 'I AM the entertainer.'

Derek is a regular guy. He doesn't speak with the presenter affect you find so often with performers. He doesn't smile that often, and he's not trying to make you like him. He is a true 'every man.' He tells dramatic stories that climax with magic effects that are best described as ridiculously impossible.

This show was a hit sensation in New York. It was directed by Frank Oz (from the Muppets) and was produced by Stephan Colbert. Now you can see it for free on Hulu.

Simply put, I loved it.

I AM the good liar.


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