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Mentalism Books every Mentalist and Enthusiast Should Read

Updated: May 12, 2023

Whether you’re a magic enthusiast or just came back from binging some Mentalist specials on Netflix, reading a good book to learn more about your new interest is always a great idea! Now, books, just like any other media, are subjective because it is not necessary that everyone will like the same ones. However, as a Mentalist myself, I have picked out a few of my favorite Mentalism books that I think everyone can enjoy (at least that’s the hope!). Oh and while you are in your Mentalism-enthusiast era, allow me to invite you to my upcoming shows, taking place in the Capital Hilton in March and April and then Hotel Washington for later in April and May.

The Principles of Mentalism by Richard Osterlind

Richard Osterlind, one of the most well known names in Mentalism, tackles the subject of commercial success, the affects of technology and the basic principles of Mentalism in this ground-breaking book. In it, he talks about the secrets to developing a performing style that audiences will want to engage with. After all, your performance needs to be appealing to the audiences in order for it to work.

Whether you are a beginner in mentalism, an enthusiast looking to learn more about the art and success behind it or a seasoned professional, The Principles of Mentalism is an excellent read that will leave you with A LOT more knowledge than you began with.

Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann

Practical Mental Magic is one of the, if not the most, popular book about Mentalism. It goes over the secrets behind several mental magic tricks, encompassing the following main categories: Effects with Billets and Pellets, Publicity Effects, Dead or Alive, Book Tests, Thought Foretold, Envelope Necromancy, Miracle Slate Routines, Money Mentalism, Blindfold Reading, Mentalism with Cards, Psychic Codes and Miscellaneous Mental Masterpieces.

Crafted by Master Mentalist Theodore Annemann, Practical Mental Magic features a variety of mental magic effects with books, secret codes, playing cards, blindfolds, money and lots more. It is easy to follow, making it a top choice for beginners looking to get into learning the art of Mentalism themselves.

“It's excellent and from what I gather, one if the classics in this field.” – Oliver

Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown

English Mentalist Derren Brown is one of the most popular mentalists of modern day, having had several appearances on television specials and performing across the world. Even the younger generations know his name. Tricks of the Mind takes a rare a closer look at how Brown manages to do some of his tricks whilst exploiting and challenging the limits of the human brain to provide memorable psychological performances.

Brown delves into the structure and psychology of mentalism in Tricks of the Mind. He shares his own experiences and gives the readers an inside look into many of his memorable ‘magic tricks’. His ability to make the readers believe that magic powers could, in fact, exist and causing everything is astonishing.

“I was really impressed with the memory section, thinking that this is exactly the sort of thing children should be taught early in order to make the best of their education. Conveniently wrapped up with a healthy dose of scepticism, challenges of religious beliefs, reminders to pay attention to how others perceive you, showmanship and magic.” – Angela

This book, also written by Derren Brown, is for anyone looking to gain a fun behind-the-scenes look into a professional Mentalist’s life. It might not have the secrets or instructions that go into creating his tricks but it is a fun read for people who just want to delve into a different life other than their own and see how mentalists do their day-to-day routine.

“I like to read history books and fact finder type books. I haven't ever read a biography but i will consider reading alot more now i have finished reading Derren Browns Confessions of a Conjuror. A totally enjoyable experience that i infact didn't want to end.” - Jodene

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