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Pandemic Relief

Updated: Jan 13

Best Mind Reader in Washington DC

Had a Tough Year?

Hey guys!

The pandemic has been tough on all of us, so I'd like to offer some relief. If you're someone that's had a really bad year, I'd like to offer you a free night out! I'm reserving two pairs of tickets to each of the dates below specifically for you. When you check out, use the 'promo code' to get your 2 tickets for free. Enjoy the show!

Thank you all for the quick responses! All of these seats have been reserved. If you are not already on the email list, please sign up to be notified the next time I do a giveaway!

May 29 - Fully Redeemed

June 12 - Fully Redeemed

June 26 - Fully Redeemed

July 10 - Fully Redeemed

July 31 - Fully Redeemed

Aug 14 - Fully Redeemed

Aug 28 - Fully Redeemed

Click here for tickets

Date Night in Washington DC

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