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What are the Secrets Behind Your Favorite Close-up Magic Tricks?

If you are part of the crowd who believes in magic and wants to keep their mind-blown when it comes to a few close-up magic tricks, I suggest you walk away now. BUT, if you're someone looking to try out the tricks on someone yourself or just need to know how they did it, you're in the right place!

We won't be giving away all the secrets because that is forbidden under the official Magic Code, however, we can give you the secrets behind 5 close-up magic tricks, so you can join our fellow Magician club too!

Check out the trick secrets below:

The Mysterious Coin Vanish:

  • Effect: Make a coin disappear from your hand.

  • Secret: Using a technique called "thumb palm," secretly hold the coin in your hand as you show it to the audience. Then, with a sleight of hand motion, make it seem as though the coin has vanished by slowly opening your hand and revealing it empty.

The Sponge Ball Routine:

  • Effect: Make small sponge balls appear, vanish, and multiply in your hands.

  • Secret: Start with one or two sponge balls concealed in your hand or a finger palm position. Use misdirection and quick movements to make it seem as though the balls magically multiply or transfer from one hand to the other. The sponge balls are soft and easily manipulated, making them perfect for close-up magic.

The Invisible Deck:

  • Effect: Appear to read someone's mind by revealing the card they selected from an "invisible deck."

  • Secret: Before performing, set up a physical deck of cards in the order of a "new deck order." Memorize this order. When a spectator selects a card from the "invisible deck," ask them to name their card out loud. Use their response to find the corresponding card in the memorized deck order and reveal it dramatically.

The Ambitious Card Routine:

  • Effect: Have a chosen card repeatedly rise to the top of the deck, even after being placed in the middle or shuffled by the spectator.

  • Secret: Utilize techniques like double lifts, controls, and false shuffles to maintain control of the chosen card throughout the routine. Employ subtle movements and sleights to make it appear as if the card is defying gravity and rising to the top of the deck against all odds.

The Mind-Reading Number Prediction:

  • Effect: Predict a randomly chosen number that a spectator has in mind.

  • Secret: Before performing, secretly write down a number on a slip of paper and place it in a sealed envelope. Use a psychological force or other techniques to steer the spectator toward the number you have written down. Open the envelope, revealing that the predicted number matches the one they had in mind.

Hopefully you're feeling mind-blown and ready to take on some of these tricks yourself (or ready to pay close attention the next time someone asks to perform these tricks on you!).

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