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The Entertainment Business

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Joan Rivers Loves Magic

I always just assume that meeting celebrities will be a disappointing experience.

How could they live up to the hype? This is not one of those stories.

I was performing strolling magic at an event in Washington DC when the event manager pulled me aside. "You should perform for Joan Rivers".

I look across the room, "Wow, that really does look like her..." I laughed.

It was the real Joan Rivers. Pioneer in comedy, TV personality, and all around bad-ass.

I don't get starstruck. I don't get starstruck...normally. This time I start to sweat. My good suit was at the dry cleaners, and she makes fun of clothing for a living. Dang it, Brian!

"Hi, ABC company is paying me a bunch of money to show you a quick card trick," I manage to say.

"Wait! Hold on a minute." She exclaims as she opens her purse. I just assume she's getting a call. This would be the time where I *almost* performed for Joan Rivers.

She comes out with a $5 bill. "Oh, thank you but they take good care of me." I reply.

She leans in and whispers, "Yeah, but they don't know the entertainment business."

I perform for her and her two friends for the next few minutes. They laugh, and I even get the coveted 'You're fabulous!' from her.

Thank you, Joan, for the best tip I ever got. Rest in Peace.

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