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What Audiences Lie About June 12, 2021

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What people lie about

My Audience was Full of Liars

I had an awesome audience at the June 12 show! I asked them what they lied about, here are their answers!

That I'm working.

I'm single.

Pretending to be busy at work while on Audible.


How much money I make.

My sex life.

When I loss my v-card.

Stealing a cold fizzy water from the fridge!

Stealing their snacks!

My lover.

Color of my hair.

(2) My weight.

My time in China?

Off the books uber ride to some shady characters.


(2) Doing my homework.

Trump is my half brother.

Pretending to care about your weekend.

How I feel when I'm sick.

How much I love pizza.


Smoking pot.

Broke the car.

If a home cooked meal tastes good.

My level of confidence.

How fast I drive.

"I have to go to work."

Hair color.

If I'm passing my classes.

About Botox.

I made that pie myself.

What I am reading.

World travel.

Political beliefs.

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