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What Do People Lie About?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What do people lie about?

What do people lie about?

During the show on May 15, 2021 I asked the audience what they lied about. Here are their answers.

(5) Age.

(3) How much I drink.

(3) Money

How well behaved my kids are!

That goldfish didn't die.

How lucky I am.

Whether I like someone's outfit.

Tell the waitress I like the food if I don't.

How long something will take.

How many children I have...

Losing my job.


When I last showered.

That smell.

My height.


Where I was the night before.

Pretending to like my boss.

How sane I am.

Check out this article that explores the 9 reasons people lie.

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