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What my audience lies about!

The Good Liar is not like most live events in DC. The audience is actively involved in the show. I asked my audience on June 26 what they lie about. Here are their answers.

(6) Weight

(3) Work

(2) Age

(2) Height

I never lie.

Why I love my boyfriend.

I was a tennis champ in college.

What time I started work.


My Name

Why I can't make it to an event.

Seeing Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 in imax 3D.

Going to church.

My thoughts on my family.

My job skills/experience.

I would lie about never telling a lie.

My opinions about my boyfriends friends.

Liking my friend's boyfriend.

I'm a secret agent.

Bedroom Swagger.

I'm going to Harvard.

Years of School.

How much I spend on clothes.

Being sick to stay home from work.


'I'm on my way!'

How much money I spent on this trip.

About how well behaved my kids are.

Eating fatty foods.

How many cups of coffee I've had today.

What movies I actually watch.

Caring about my kids video games.

I'm late because I got stuck in traffic.

What I drive.

I drink half and half from the carton.

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