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What do People Lie About?

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

What do people lie about

It's crazy how often we lie!

I had a wonderfully rowdy audience on Saturday, May 31. I asked them what they lied about, here are their answers.

That I was married. Shipping liquids in US mail. Looking forward to vacation. (2) Age (2) Weight I lied to dad about drinking soda. Faked a family emergency to get an extension on a project. Too sick to go to school. Whether I'm in town. Sleeping on the job. Politics. (2) My Job. How much I like food. Going to church. Number of drinks per week. Lied about being sick. That I remembered someone's name. I don't lie. How many women I've been with. I'm a virgin. Movies I've seen. Lied about being sick to leave work early. About liking my job. My grades. Where I live. Liking my wife's friends. Where I was when you were on vacation.

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