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Can ‘DC’s Most Honest Con Man’ fool Penn and Teller?

Available for In-Studio Interview…


The 'Kings of Las Vegas' are going head to head with Washington DC top rated Mentalist Brian Curry on Oct 21, 2022.

Brian is the star of the regular DC show 'The Good Liar' which appears on Saturday's at the Capital Hilton, a block from the White House. Which means that Brian will always be the second best liar on the block.

In this segment, Brian will talk about this potential career making opportunity, his live show and he'll also attempt to read the mind of your host.  











About The Good Liar Show:

Brian tells the audience he is going to lie to them, then amazingly gets them to believe him anyways. "It's easier to lie to a group of people and get them to believe you, then convince that same group of people that they've been lied to."

Brian is taking his skill to the CW network to see if he has what it has to take on magic's most devious duo, Penn and Teller.  


Brian Curry 703-725-2100

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