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Am I Psychic Quiz

Want to know exactly how psychic you are?  Answer 5 questions to find out!

Question 1
I am in tune with the emotional state of my friends family and sometimes strangers.
Question 2
When I get a “gut feeling” or a hunch, it tends to be right.
NopeRarelySometimesOftenTotally, and I knew you'd ask this question.
Question 3
I’ve been able to heal other people’s energy.  They leave feeling refreshed and with a new sense of purpose.
No way wierdo!RarelySometimesUsuallyAbsolutely
Question 4
I can simply think of a place, a person, or object to feel its scent. Even if I’ve never encountered it before I am able to connect with it in some way.
NopeRarelySometimesOftenYES! I totally do!
Question 5
Sometimes my subconscious mind is aware of events, information, or knowledge that I had no way of knowing without these visions.
No. Is this test over yet?RarelySometimesOftenYes.

RESULTYou are exactly 0% psychic. Just like everyone else because psychics aren't real.

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